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PLEASE NOTE: there will be no drop-ins allowed unless they come with an existing member until further notice



Q: Will there be changes with regard to COVID-19?

A: Yes. There will be many changes implemented to protect our members. There will be new policies posted throughout the facility for you to review and follow. Please keep in mind, the rules set in place will be enforced for everyone and are non-negotiable.

Q: Are masks going to be required?

A: Anytime you are not actively working out, you are required to wear a mask as outlined in Governor DeWine's statewide mandate.

Q: Are your hours reduced due to COVID-19?

A: No. We are currently operating under normal business hours. Hours are subject to change with notice at any time.

Q: My child would like to attend a ninja class or open course, how do I pre-register?

A: We have an online registration available on each respective page. NO in person or phone registrations.

Q: Are there limits to the number of participants in each class, open course or birthday party?

A: Classes are limited to 6 participants. Open course and birthday parties are limited to 10.

Q: Will my child's temperature be taken prior to classes, open course or parties?

A: Yes. You may also be asked to complete a health questionnaire upon arrival.

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