Reopening Information

I'm sure you are all anxious to get back to the gym and have a lot of questions concerning the status of our reopening.

As many, if not most of you are aware, Governor DeWine announced that gyms and fitness centers are permitted to reopen starting May 26th. This is great news for everyone, however, it is at my [owner] discretion as to whether to open on the 26th or a later date.

After careful consideration of a number of factors, we will be having a soft reopening starting the following Monday, June 1st, for our Charter members and personnel only. Provided no issues arise, we will reopen the following Monday, June 8th, for the rest of our gym members.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be no drop-ins allowed unless they come with an existing member until further notice.

NINJA PROGRAMS AND OPEN COURSE: As of 5/19/20, we have not arrived at a firm date to when the Ninja side of the business will reopen. We are weighing all the options and hope to have a date for you soon. Please continue to follow us for details when they arrive.

Please understand, there is a reason why gyms and fitness centers are among the last businesses to open. Not all businesses are alike. Some businesses are better abled to open safely than others. Gyms are part of the health and fitness industry and as such, pose different risks and hurdles. Even during normal times, fitness centers can be breeding grounds for contaminates and therefore carry additional health risks other businesses may not be prone to.

There are several hurdles gyms and fitness centers will have to face and consider before reopening their doors. Here are just a few:

1) It is extremely difficult to avoid close contact with others in a gym.

2) People are constantly touching anything and everything others have already touched. It is next to impossible to keep every bench, band, bar, dumbbell, etc. disinfected before someone else's touches them.

3) People sweat and sometimes a lot, a whole lot and it can get everywhere. People wipe sweat off their face, foreheads, eyes, everywhere you're not supposed to touch.

4) When people workout, their heart rate often rises, taxing their respiratory system and causing them to breath heavier, thus releasing far more droplets into the air for people to come in contact with. Wearing a mask while working out would obviously cause other issues that would be hard to avoid.

These key points are in direct contrast to CDC guidelines, guidelines that had we not complied with as a whole, could've caused a complete collapse of our country. Everything starts with a first, and it only takes one infected person to set a ball in motion.

So as a gym owner, we have greater challenges to keep people safe that may not be applicable to other businesses and the safety of our clients is our number one concern.



Q: Why are you reopening on June 1st instead of May 26th?

A: This window allows us a few days to see how those gyms opening on the 26th are doing so we can make adjustments if needed.


Q: Why are you not allowing everyone back on June 1st?

A: Just like with the soft reopening date, the extra week will allow us the opportunity to evaluate how things are going within our own facility so that we can make any adjustments that may be needed to ensure the safety of our members the best way possible prior to fully reopening.


Q: You said only Charter members will be allowed in on June 1st. What is a Charter member and why are they allowed in before everyone else?

A: Charter membership was a limited member loyalty program offered when we first opened. It was designed to encourage those who joined to remain Warrior Warehouse members for life. It helped enable us as a new business to create a base we could depend on each month without fail. In return for their loyalty, they are rewarded with perks such as the lowest rates, discounts, etc. as well as precedence over all other members in applicable situations such as this one.


Q: I'm a charter member, but my friend/partner isn't, am I allowed to bring them as a guest the week only charter members are allowed?

A: Yes. During the week reserved for charter members only, a charter member may bring one (1) guest per day with contingencies. The guest must come in with you and remain with you throughout your time in the facility and leave with you when you're done. If the non-charter guest is a current member but not a charter, there is a $5 drop-in fee for the day. If your guest is not a current member, there is a $10 drop-in fee for that day. Please note, ALL drop-in fees MUST be paid for in advance BEFORE using the facility. This can be done on our website.


Q: Will there be changes with regard to COVID-19?

A: Yes. There will be many changes implemented to protect our members. There will be new policies posted throughout the facility for you to review and follow. Please keep in mind, the rules set in place will be enforced for everyone and are non-negotiable.


Q: You mentioned the Ninja part of the business has not been issued a reopen date, is that only for the kid's programs or is the course off limits to everyone?

A: Yes and no. When we issue a date to reopen the course, we are specifically speaking of ninja classes, birthday parties and open course times. There will be no access to the course for anyone when we open, however, gym member access to course may come sooner than the date we officially reopen that [ninja] side of the business. Please pay attention to all signs, including those related to the course as they can change at any time.

Q: Are masks going to be required?

A: Masks will be recommended, but not required for the gym side of our business. However when the ninja side reopens, due to the nature of the activity, masks will be required to participate in ninja programs and open courses. 

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