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Wade Campbell-Owner:

Wade is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach.  Warrior Warehouse started from an idea in 2014 when he wanted to build something beyond the typical gym. Working in the fitness industry for years,  he was able to learn what the community was searching for.  From there Warrior Warehouse was born, a hybrid fitness facility that would push the average athlete to a new level of fitness. Complete with state of the art equipment, personal training, group exercise and a one of a kind American Ninja style obstacle course.

Natalie Lenhart-Consultant:

Natalie has an extensive background in customer service and public relations. Her vision for Warrior Warehouse is to be a place that cares about their members. She feels it is very important for them to have a great experience and not just feel like another number. Natalie works hard to create a sense of community and family within the walls of Warrior Warehouse. 

Bindi-Public Relations:

Bindi has been a part of Warrior Warehouse before the doors were ever opened. She has become the gym mascot. Members love to see her in the gym spreading her own kind of support and motivation. Having Bindi around is just one more way that Warrior Warehouse makes its members feel like family.

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